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Master Your Property Renovation So That You Have Control!

Never Overspend On Renovations... Never Hire Bad Contractors... AND Increase The Value Of Your Property!


In an unbelievably short-period, I will transform you into a

Confident & Successful Property Investor!

armed with "insider secrets" using a unique Renovation strategy that only the "Pros" know!


Every Successful Real Estate Investor Has This Very Important "Skill Set".

My name is Van Sturgeon and I own over a 1000 rental properties across the United States and Canada. I've built my own Real Estate empire, and in over 30 years in the real estate game, I have seen it all.

I have seen new real estate investors who have dreams of building a portfolio of properties, struggle with their first investment. They purchase their first property that needs a renovation and unfortunately, they make a bunch of bad decisions in choosing contractors and tradespeople who inflate their costs, give low-quality workmanship and provide incomplete renovations. In fact, some renovations end up all the way to legal battles with these contractors and tradespeople.

And then...I have seen highly successful real estate investors, for whom a property renovation is a breeze, and they easily grow their property portfolio, with each unit that brings them significant passive income, while compounding their Net Worth YoY.

If you are reading this, I KNOW you WANT to belong to the latter group...

How Much Would It Mean For You To Become a Successful Real Estate Investor? Read My Story!


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But Hey...Don't Take My Word For It!!!

"I was so afraid of managing the renovation myself, and with Van's help I was able to overcome my fear. I saved thousands of dollars, and I was in control of the whole process. It was an amazing experience! Thank you, Van.



Orlando, Florida

"I felt so empowered with the support that Van gave me, and I was able to manage the whole renovation on my condo and get the best quality products and workmanship. 



Toronto, Ontario

"Renovating my house was easy, as I had the everything planned out ahead of time and I knew exactly what to do. I didn't experience any issues as I was pretty prepared for the whole project. Thanks!



Chicago, Illinois


Work With Van

Raise Your Skills,

Confidence & Pride

I love helping people...

I want to work with individuals who are totally motivated to take action and become successful real estate investors. 

I love seeing people succeed and overcome adversity.

My goal is to assist you in finding the confidence and strength within you, and shepherd you through the process to planning and managing your own property renovation.

You will learn an essential skill set that will help you on your next renovation project and help you evaluate the next DEAL!  

You will have the confidence to be able to walk into any potential property purchase, and determine what to renovate, and the time and money needed to realize a profit.


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