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I Have Everything...So Now What?

I have built a number of successful businesses in real estate, and they have made me a pretty wealthy man. I own a mansion that I custom built, and I have a vacation home in the tropics that backs onto the Atlantic Ocean. I have all of the stuff that you can think of from designer clothes, watches, jewelry and luxury cars. I have taken my family around the world and seen its marvels...

Here Are Examples Of Those Material Things...

Over the past 30 years of working really hard, I overcame every obstacle and I am very successful in business. I could have pretty much anything that I want, but I still am not happy. There is an emptiness inside of me and I start to grow depressed. "What's next?" I have past the halfway point in my life. I struggle to figure out a purpose and what to do with the rest of my life...

I Pray To God To Help Me Figure Out My "Why".

Growing up in Chicago during the 1970s, my parents had learned that the apartment building that we were living in was going up for sale. They mustered up the minimum downpayment and bought it, just in time when the high unemployment and mortgage rates of the late 70s slammed us. It was a struggle to survive. My neighbourhood was littered with burnt out properties, as property owners would torch their own buildings to collect on the insurance money.

Either You Figure It Out...Or You Die Trying!!!

Our family persevered by buckling down. No restaurants, movies or vacations. We bought dented and “mystery cans” for a dime, and got food donations of cheese, butter and dry milk. Our apartment building was 60% vacant, and we were forced to do all of the work ourselves. I know the phrase "House Rich...Cash Poor" all too well. We couldn’t afford to hire anyone, so we had to figured it out ourselves. As a family, we completed all of the renovation ourselves from replacing roofs to cleaning toilets.

Those experiences in my childhood prepared me for the success that I enjoy today. Over the last 30 years, I have successfully created a number of different businesses in real estate. At the same time, I have been involved in every facet of real estate through land development, subdivision, custom homes, and I have constructed and renovated thousands of apartments, single family homes, multi-family buildings and other commercial properties.

I Am Proud Of My Success...But Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?

I live a life of abundance and I am thankful for everything that I have in my life. Yet...I am not happy and my life needs more purpose. I guess some would call it a "Mid-Life Crisis". One day, I get a phone call from an old friend who needs some help. He wants to renovate his property and start to invest in real estate, but doesn’t know where to start. Just like many others through the years, friends and family would occasionally call upon me for help.

I sat down with my friend and I guided him through a successful renovation project where he became a "magnet" for good quality contractors and completed the project with quality, and on time and budget. From this success, my friend felt empowered to continue to add to his real estate investment portfolio, as he learned the systems and processes necessary to scale his portfolio from me. Seeing the impact of my help changed my life forever.

On A Mission To Help One Million People Become Millionaires Through Real Estate Investing!

I am on a mission! I am on a mission to help ONE MILLION people become MILLIONARES THROUGH REAL ESTATE INVESTING by 2030. My time and passion is dedicated to this goal, as I have witnessed what the POWER OF REAL ESTATE can do to create financial freedom and generational wealth. My happiness comes from helping others reach their full potential, and realize their goals in life.

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