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Reviews From Students Who Have Achieved Success!

Reviews From Van's Fans

Melissa McCausland

Toronto, Ontario

Robert Vesey

Syracuse, New York

Marvelle Waithe

Cleveland, Ohio

Angelo Vaccaro

Melbourne, Florida

Domenic Martorano

Augusta, Maine

Kathryn Capobianco

Houston, Texas

Loui Dallas

Toronto, Ontario

Francesca Morrasut

Indianapolis, Indiana


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Peter Curtis

 Chicago, Illinois

"Renovating my house was easy, as I had the everything planned out ahead of time and I knew exactly what to do. I didn't experience any issues as I was pretty prepared for the whole project. Thanks!"

Jason Schnedier

Toronto, Ontario

"I felt so empowered with the support that Van gave me, and I was able to manage the whole renovation on my condo and get the best quality products and workmanship." 

Jessica Wilkenings

Orlando, Florida

"I was so afraid of managing the renovation myself, and with Van's help I was able to overcome my fear. I saved thousands of dollars, and I was in control of the whole process. It was an amazing experience! Thank you, Van."

Simone Quinn

Detroit, Michigan

“Van was such a great resource to have during the renovation. He was like an insurance policy on the completion of the renovation. He was always available to talk, and would be always pushing me for accountability and results."

Steve Santos

Vancouver, British Columbia

“Van does such a great job of communicating with you along the whole renovation process that it was a great learning experience. I have the confidence to plan and manage my next renovation”.

Laura Duchene

Phoenix, Arizona

“Understanding the whole renovation process has given me the tools to evaluate properties that are for sale, and a leg up on the competition. I have such confidence now because of your mentorship. Thanks Van”.

Effie Roufos

Pickering, Ontario

"My husband and I had went to a number of general contractors to have them quote on our house renovation... We saved over $27,000 by planning and managing the renovation ourselves with Van's help!" 

Loui Dallas

Toronto, Ontario

"I have a two bedroom , two bath condo and I wanted to renovate the place, but I was fearful of hiring a general contractor. Because of Van's help, I overcame the fear and I was able to save a lot of money"

Maria Gutierrez

Buffalo, New York

"We decided to become real estate investors and finally bought our first property. We realized that we needed help in our first renovation, and with Van's help with we were a success and saved a lot of money!"

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