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"Can I really do this?"

After 30 years of working in this industry, I’ve noticed something extraordinary. 


Whenever I help a new real-estate investor with their renovation, it’s never the tools, checklists, tasks, or ‘management’ side of things that holds them back. In fact, I can typically show them how to do that stuff pretty easily. 


What they ACTUALLY struggle with is confidence. 


They convince themselves that managing things MUST be the difficult part… that it must be the specifics of task-organization that makes them hesitate.

When in reality, it’s their mindset that really causes them to second-guess themselves.

So I know that my biggest challenge isn’t teaching new investors what they need to know... it’s actually giving them the confidence to know that “Yes, I really can do this!”. 


Because they can. 


I’ve met thousands of new investors over the years, and they all convince themselves that any difficulty must come from the renovation itself. 




Of course, the management isn’t ‘a walk in the park,’ but I know for a fact that I can teach the most inexperienced, clumsy, slow-thinking person in the world how to manage a successful renovation (and believe me... I think I probably have in the past…) so I know I can show anyone.


One thing that can be difficult to teach though, is self-belief


But that’s exactly why I’m offering this no-cost call. 


Yes, I’ll reveal the insider secrets and discuss the best ways to get started, but there’s another reason I’m so keen for new real-estate investors to get on the phone with me... 


Because it will finally prove that they absolutely CAN do this. 

Will our call make a difference?

When someone’s in the mood for a particular kind of cake, do they just pick a random cupboard, hope all the ingredients are inside, and start cracking eggs without a recipe?

Of course not. 

They start with a plan.

And I think we can agree that renovating a property is a step-up from baking a cake (I have a far better record as a renovator than as a cake-baker though…)

My point is, starting with a specific plan of what’s desired is far more productive than setting out with only a simple idea of the end-goal.  

Why do I know this?

My name is Van Sturgeon and I own 1000 property units across the United States and Canada. I’ve built my own Real Estate empire, and in over 30 years in the real estate game, I have seen it all.

I have seen new real estate investors suffer from inflated costs, low-quality workmanship, and incomplete renovation, all the way up to getting into legal battles with their contractors and tradespeople.

And then, I have also seen highly successful property investors, for whom home renovation is a breeze, they easily grow their property portfolio, with each unit bringing in significant passive income while compounding their Net Worth YoY.

If you are reading this letter, I KNOW you WANT to belong to the latter group...

This call will be like getting a tailored recipe from a master chef who’ll also help set the temperature, crack the eggs, and prepare the icing. 

Not only will I go through a step-by-step recipe, I’ll also share a few techniques that are applicable to ANY cake that could possibly be baked.

(Don’t worry, I’m still talking about renovations...)

So, yes. 

Why do I know this?

This call WILL make a difference. Because new real estate investors who take me up on it will get a meeting with an expert who is prepared to devote 100% of their attention to giving them the best plan...even if the first timer only has a vague idea of what kind of cake they'd like to bake.

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons...

I genuinely love helping new investors... 

I get a kick out of seeing people succeed, especially in an industry I’ve dedicated my life to.


I know how incredible it feels to take a step back and admire that perfect renovation that's been completed... giving that feeling to others is something I feel blessed to be able to do. 

I remember what it was like before I knew what I was doing. And the joy I felt at the sight of my first successful renovation was immeasurable.


I want new investors to have that too.

Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy?

Everyone wants to leave a legacy to something... kids, a community, a workplace.


Real estate and renovation has been my specialty for more than 3 decades, and I know more about it than anything else.


In all honesty, I don’t want the knowledge (and the tips, tricks, and secrets) that I’ve gained over the years to go to waste. I know that they can be my legacy.


I want to pass all of it on to the new generation of investors... and I can't wait to reward those prepared to take action.

So...What are you waiting for?

Fill out the Questionnaire and book a meeting with me!

It’s an absolutely FREE chat.. no expectations.. I just want to make sure that I prevent you from making any mistakes on your renovation, and help you build a successful real estate investment portfolio.