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What Will You Learn In My Mentorship Program?

  • Goal Setting

  • The most important thing that I can teach you is the importance of goal setting. Under my mentorship, we begin with a number of exercises that breakdown what is most important, and add clarity to your life.

  • Budget

  • Before we begin the actual plan of renovation, we work on a forming a budget. We look at your resources and see what is available in your market to borrow. We are confident that we will enough money to properly execute a renovation

  • Tender The Project

  • We go out there in the market and we get contractors to price our renovation project. I will teach you the secrets of where to find great contractors and how to negotiate with them for the best quality and price. 

  • Needs and Wants List

  • We analyze the whole house and determine what is really needed for renovation, while complying a list of wants that we would like to see changed, but are not necessary. Research is completed to understand market expectations.

  • Scope of Work

  • The "Devil is in the Details" and so we start the process of identifying all aspects of material and labor that is needed for the entire renovation. This forms the backbone of our renovation plans and used to receive quotes from contractors.

  • Manage The Renovation

  • We plan and execute a sequence of activities through the whole renovation process, making sure that all contractors are providing quality workmanship and are on time and budget. A Checklist is made to ensure all work is completed properly.

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