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Learn The Secrets To Buying Investment Properties With None Of Your Own Money!

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  • How to Scale Your Investment Portfolio

    • Remote or Out Of State Investing

    • Raising Money from Investors

    • How To Create Your Power Team

    • Successful Renovating

  • Finding Debt

  • Deal Structure


    Hi, my name is Van Sturgeon and I’ve been in the real estate investing game for over 30 years. I personally own over 1200 doors (for apartments, homes, and rental properties) across North America. 

    I’ve appeared on major news outlets like Yahoo and Los Angeles Tribune and as a guest on top ranked real estate investing podcasts with Bill Manassero, Rod Khleif, John Casmon, Joe Fairless, and Ken McElroy.

    I help real estate investors build wealth using my "4F's System". I’m on a mission to help one million people become millionaires through real estate investing by 2030!

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    If you’re new to real estate investing or if you are looking to take your portfolio and your "game" to the next level, this is the video for you. We will cover all topics associated with real estate investing from finding those elusive off market deals to finding the "money" needed to be successful.

    This video is meant to help teach and implement systems and processes for new and seasoned real estate investors who will be able to scale a portfolio as quickly and safely as possible.

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    Learn to scale and grow

    "My husband and I had a lot of experience with real estate investing, but we were struggling to scale. Van showed us how to implement systems so that we don't feel overwhelmed.

    Vanessa Correa

    How to buy with no money

    "Van taught us the step by step process to get us into our first deal with no money, and it was an amazing experience. We use the same process to look at all of our future deals."

    Tyrell Davis

    Found a great deal

    "We followed a step by step process that has been developed by Van where we were able to identify a market and find a great off market deal in an area that was highly competitive." 

    Jason Wang

    Saved us from a DISASTER!

    "Van was able to show us a couple of issues with a property that we had under contract that would have resulted in thousands of dollars of extra repairs that we had never considered."

    Lareca Fernandes

    Learn to find contractors

    "We struggled so much with contractors in the past, and Van was able to show us a system to find good quality contractors that we could manage them to be on time and budget." 

    Effie Ruffous

    Van was there for us!

    Van truly wants to help people succeed as there were times during our 1-1 coaching where we talked to him several times a week when we were negotiating a deal, and it was so helpful.

    Gene Jackson