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For Real Estate Investors Who Want To Get Unlimited Money To Buy Rental Properties...

"SAMPLE Investor/Lender Case Study"

Discover This Simple Process That Successful Real Estate Investors Are Using To Buy Their First Rental Property And Be Able To Scale And Buy Many More With None Of Their Own Money By Using Other People's Money!

How To Save Big Money Renovating A Rental Property

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"SAMPLE Investor/Lender Case Study"

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"Pictures are worth a thousand words..."

You will see how powerful pictures are in your presentation. Showing the condition of a property and then what it looks like after a quality renovation will speak volumes to your potential investors or lenders.

"Devil is in the details... so let's make it clear..."

Be transparent! Show the actual process and the time this real estate deal needs to be completed. It's a great reflection of your knowledge so that potential investors and lenders can believe and trust you in this process.

"At the end of the day, money talks...

Using facts and figures will show potential investors and lenders a cash flow analysis, and it will illustrate the profit margins that this deal will make with their investment. This is the most powerful part of the case study. 

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Something About Me..

Howdy! My name is Van Sturgeon!

I am an experienced entrepreneur of over 30 years, who has successfully created a number of businesses in the real estate industry. I own over 1,200 properties across North America, and I complete about 180 "fix & flips" per year. I am semi-retired from the day to day operations of my businesses, and I am focused on my mission :

My mission is to help ONE MILLION people become MILLIONAIRES through real estate investing by 2030.

I truly want everyone to experience the financial freedom and generational wealth that real estate has done for me and my family! I am SO passionate about helping real estate investors buy their first rental property, and scale it to create a portfolio. 

I have been a invited to speak on multiple real estate investor forums, and I have been a featured guest on over 100 podcasts such as Joe Fairless, Whitney Sewell, Rod Khleif, and Ken McElroy. I have had articles that have been featured on a number of publications across the country like the Los Angeles Tribune, Yahoo News and the Belmont Star.

Van Sturgeon