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Before we meet...You have a bunch of questions that you would like me to answer...Right?

I know...I know...I am like a mind reader!

You want to make sure that your valuable time isn't wasted with a meeting with me, and I totally understand.

Here are the answers to the most popular questions that are asked of me, during meetings:

“Is handling a renovation myself better than finding a general contractor?”

You bet.

Right now, this heated real estate market has resulted in many properties being renovated, and it has produced so many new “contractors” into the industry that have no clue what they are doing.

Everyone can run into their local home improvement center and buy a hammer, and call themselves a “contractor”. 

There are television shows and channels dedicated to so many horror stories of contractors who create nightmares for property owners. 

As your "virtual general contractor" and coach, I will be there through the whole renovation process and guide you to success.

“What are the reasons why I should complete a renovation myself?”

You have firm control over the whole renovation process.

You are dealing directly with all of the trades such as the painter, electrician and plumber and can control pricing, timing and quality.

Hiring a general contractor does not allow you to have any of these controls. Also, by planning and managing your own renovation, you save all of the money that a general contractor makes on supervising your project, and the markup on materials and trades.

That kind of savings can add up to tens of thousands of dollars...

“Won't I have problems with quality, taking too much time and blowing through my budget?”

Over 30 years of completing thousands of renovations myself, I have learned and developed the systems, tips and secrets needed to successfully complete a property renovation.

My one on one coaching you through a renovation that you control will be a lot better in quality, will come in on time and budget. I have yet to see a renovation that I help coach people through that are not happy with the results.

Besides...I offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you feel that I am not giving you 110% value!

“I am so scared that I will cause more harm than good to my property.”

In the planning phase of the renovation, I will make sure that we have clearly identified the best path where you will spend the least amount of time and money to get you to your goals.

Through the miracles of technology, you will have me through "Zoom", "Facetime", "Whatsapp" where I will “walk” the project together with you, every step of the way.

You have nothing to fear...I’ve got your back!

“So...you are offering a course?”


Courses don’t work. (That’s the #1 complaint I’ve been hearing from people who have bought courses in the past).

How can courses provide the help with the “unexpected” that occurs in every renovation?

No renovation is a cookie cutter process, and they are all unique. That’s why I am there to coach you one on one through the whole renovation process. I will be your virtual general contractor!

“So...what exactly do you do?”

I have a "done WITH you" process.

In other words, we work together. I train you on everything...give you homework and tasks to complete...You NEVER grab a hammer and do the physical labor, but you are working ON your renovation. BIG difference.

I will help you establish goals, validate your objectives, establish budgets.

I will help you in creating a Scope of Work and establish a timeline of work to be completed by every contractor and/or trade.

You end up with a properly planned and executed property renovation from the very start...

AND you know how to repeat the process later, if you want to renovate another property.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving…

“What does that look like?”

In a nutshell:

1. You tell me your goals.

2. I will help you draw you a roadmap to how to get there.

3. You work with me to identify everything that you want accomplished in your renovation.

4. I help you find and identify the best contractors and tradespeople for your renovation.

5. I am there every step of the way to ensure success! 

The whole process will eliminate any fears that you have about renovations and will empower you! 

There’s a lot more to it as well, which is why it’s a 6 month program.

“6 months? Is that enough time?”

To get the planning portion of the renovation completed, it doesn’t have to take any more than a month. (Two weeks if you like to move fast).

In other words, the first month of my involvement with you would not look any different than requesting quotes from general contractors to complete your whole renovation project.  

Requesting quotes from general contractors will be a long and lengthy process that will take weeks anyways...right? 

Together, you and I will plan out the renovation, and then tender it out to all of the contractors and trades. Some of them will start work right away, while others will wait when certain work gets completed. Sequencing of all the work will be completed, and everyone will have a schedule.

Your job will be to make sure that everything is on schedule. If there are issues throughout the whole process, I will jump in to help.

“I'm scared that we won't work well together, and it will be a waste of money.”

Oh...my little whippersnapper!

I am overwhelmed with requests from people to coach them through the whole renovation process. I can only accept a few people per month, as I am personally handling the whole coaching process myself.  

YES! I will be the one who will work with you, and not some minion on my team. 

I am very selective in who I coach, and I want to be assured that you are committed and we can succeed together. I will have you go through a length questionnaire and interview process, before I will commit to helping you. If we decide to work together and in the first 30 days you do not see value, then I will refund your money...no questions asked.

In fact, you don’t even have to give me a valid excuse. There will be “no hoops to jump through.” I will refund your money, right away. I want you to experience what so many other students have felt through my coaching. I want to make sure that you feel that you are getting tremendous value in the experience, coaching and savings that you will have through my interaction

“Why should I do this renovation myself? A general contractor will give me everything that I need.”

Are they really going to give you?

  • Quality control
  • On-Time Completion
  • Price Guarantee

Sometimes it’s so simple, right? You just negotiate with the general contractor and they come up with a contract in writing that provides for quality, completion time and price.

What more do you want?

Well...speaking as a general contractor myself, I could never give my clients all three and here’s the reason why: 

1. Quality. How do you define “quality”? How can you write it out in a contract and make sure that the sub trades that a general contractor hires for your renovation are actually going to produce quality work?

2. On-Time Completion. General contractors rely on their sub trades to come to the renovation project and perform their work. What happens when one of these sub trades is tied up at another project and is delayed? How does that affect the rest of the schedule? Can any general contractor provide a realistic completion time, especially if you add delivery delays and shortages of material?

3. Price Guarantee. Speaking as a general contractor, I can assure you that if you don’t have a trained eye or experience with past renovations, you can take advantage of your client because you know that there will be additional work. General contractor will purposefully under bid a renovation, because they know that there are underlying issues with the property that will need to be addressed. At the end...Blown Budget!

“I'm not great at dealing with grumpy contractors and tradespeople... Will your coaching still work for me?”


For most people, it’s just not knowing what to do / what to say that makes them feel awkward and afraid. 

And I help you handle that. 

I’ll tell you exactly what to do and what to say so it feels natural.

And it doesn’t have to be this huge production with facts and figures. I have helped so many students through the process, so you’ll do just fine. 

Again...I am your "virtual general contractor" and I am on your side every step of the way.

“Okay, Van What's the cost?”

The cost of all of it?

  • Validating your goals and budget.
  • Creating a list of renovation items that will achieve your goals.
  • Laser-focused Scope of Work that will attract the best work.
  • Scheduling and managing all of the work.
  • Ensuring quality, timeliness and quality service and products.
  • Saving you 30% - 50% on the total renovation budget.
  • Eliminating fear and feeling empowered.

… All to catapult you to successfully create a real estate investment portfolio where you continue to use this newfound skill set when you are evaluating potential new purchases and other renovation projects… 

Is MUCH less than the opportunity cost. 

In other words, it’s much LESS than the cost of NOT doing it.

This coaching is designed to be a 1-time investment.

Then, you are set for a life of success!

So...instead of going to a general contractor or wasting time + money doing it yourself, you just learn from me the systems, tips and secrets of successful renovations and that’s it. 

Also, I don’t take just anyone to coach. 

I ONLY work with people who are serious and who I’m 110% sure that I can help. 

So if you’d like to talk about getting from where you are NOW… to where you WANT to be… let’s set up a time to talk. I would love to talk with you.

  • You will have more confidence in evaluating new potential purchases and avoid relying on a property inspector.