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I Have Everything... So, Now What?

I have built a number of successful businesses in real estate and they have made me a pretty wealth man. I own a mansion that I custom built, and I have a vacation home in the tropics that backs onto the Atlantic Ocean. I have all of the stuff that you can think of from designer clothes, watches, jewelry and luxury cars. I have taken my family around the world and seen its marvels...

Here are examples of those material things...

Over the past 30 years of working really hard, I overcame every obstacle and I am very successful in business. I could have pretty much anything that I want, but I still am not happy. There is an emptiness inside of me and I start to grow depressed. "What's next?" I have past the halfway point in my life. I struggle to figure out a purpose and what to do with the rest of my life... 

I Pray To God To Help Me Figure Out My "Why".

Growing up in Chicago during the 1970s, my parents had learned that the apartment building that we were living in was going up for sale. They mustered up the minimum downpayment and bought it, just in time when the high unemployment and mortgage rates of the late 70s slammed us. It was a struggle to survive. My neighbourhood was littered with burnt out buildings, as property owners would torch their own buildings to collect on the insurance money.

Either You Figure It Out...Or You Die Trying!!!

Our family persevered by buckling down. No restaurants, movies or vacations. We bought dented and “mystery cans” for a dime, and got food donations of cheese, butter and dry milk. Our apartment building was 60% vacant, and we were forced to do all of the work ourselves. I know the phrase "House Rich...Cash Poor" all too well. We couldn’t afford to hire anyone so we had to figured it out. As a family, we completed all the renovation ourselves from replacing roofs to cleaning toilets.

Those experiences in my childhood prepared me for the success that I enjoy today. Over the last 30 years, I have successfully created a number of different businesses in real estate. At the same time, I have been involved in every facet of real estate through land development, subdivision, custom homes, and I have constructed and renovated thousands of apartments, single family homes, multi-family buildings and other commercial properties. 

I Made It And I Am Proud Of My Success...But Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?

I live a life of abundance and I am thankful for everything that I have in my life. Yet...I am not happy and my life needs more purpose. I guess some would call it a "Mid-Life Crisis". One day, I get a phone call from an old friend who needs some help. He wants to renovate his home, but doesn’t know where to start. Just like many others through the years, friends and family would occasionally call upon me for renovation help. I was Van the Reno Man...of course!!!

I sat down with his family and we put a list together. I guided them through the process of creating a scope of work and showed them how to find and pick the best contractors. At the end, the renovation was a success. My friend said that I had helped him save a lot of money and that I had empowered him to complete the renovation by himself. Seeing the impact of my help changed my life forever.

This powerful and fulfilling experience made me realize what I have to do with the rest of my life...

I Realized That Happiness Does Not Come From Overcoming Obstacles And Achieving Success. Happiness Comes From Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential And Realizing Their Goals In Life.

Real Estate Investor, Home Builder, Renovator, And 

High-Performance Coach

Van Sturgeon is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully created several businesses in the real estate industry, that cover areas of land acquisition, development, construction and renovation. Van personally owns over 1,000 properties across North America, and is semi-retired from the day to day operations of his businesses.

Splitting time between Chicago, Toronto and Miami Beach, Van is passionate in helping home owners and real estate investors overcome their fears of house renovations, and loves to be actively involved in helping people reach their goals.

My Goal Is To Help As Many People Overcome Their

Fear Of House Renovations.

What Will You Learn In My Mentorship Program?

  • Goal Setting

  • The most important thing that I can teach you is the importance of goal setting. Under my mentorship, we begin with a number of exercises that breakdown what is most important, and add clarity to your life.

  • Budget

  • Before we begin the actual plan of renovation, we work on a forming a budget. We look at your resources and see what is available in your market to borrow. We are confident that we will enough money to properly execute a renovation

  • Tender The Project

  • We go out there in the market and we get contractors to price our renovation project. I will teach you the secrets of where to find great contractors and how to negotiate with them for the best quality and price. 

  • Needs and Wants List

  • We analyze the whole house and determine what is really needed for renovation, while complying a list of wants that we would like to see changed, but are not necessary. Research is completed to understand market expectations.

  • Scope of Work

  • The "Devil is in the Details" and so we start the process of identifying all aspects of material and labor that is needed for the entire renovation. This forms the backbone of our renovation plans and used to receive quotes from contractors.

  • Manage The Renovation

  • We plan and execute a sequence of activities through the whole renovation process, making sure that all contractors are providing quality workmanship and are on time and budget. A Checklist is made to ensure all work is completed properly.

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But don't just take my word for it...

Read what my students have to say.

“Van does such a great job of communicating with you along the whole renovation process that it was a great learning experience. I have the confidence to plan and manage my next renovation”.

Steve Santos

Vancouver, British Columbia

“Understanding the whole renovation process has given me the tools to evaluate properties that are for sale, and a leg up on the competition. I have such confidence now because of your mentorship”.

Laura Duchene

Phoenix, Arizona

“During the renovation, I had a problem with one of the contractors that wouldn't show up to work. Van gave me the confidence to get rid of this bad apple, and find someone who came and finished the work."

Mafat Patel

Chicago, Illinois

“Van was such a great resource to have during the renovation. He was like an insurance policy on the completion of the renovation. He was always available to talk, and would be always pushing me for accountabilty and results”.

Simone Quinn

Detroit, Michigan